One of the quickest ways to get someone to leave your website is to have it either load slowly or look outdated. While it may seem harsh, many people do not consider your business as credible if the site looks old or if it takes too long to pull up. Moreso, if links are not working, pictures are fuzzy, or information is not relevant, site visitors will often leave your website to find one that they consider better. While your website may be seemingly working just fine and have the information you believe customers will need, if your site is older than 18 months, there is a good chance you should consider redesigning. Those who visit your site prefer a site that is frequently updated with new information and relevant themes, and most of all, they like websites that are functioning the way they are supposed to.

At Your Web Pro, we recommend running your website on an 18 month design cycle. We try to talk with our customers about every year and a half to evaluate what is next with your site: is it running the way it is designed? Does it look outdated? Are all links and pictures pulling up properly and quickly? Do links and forms work, and are forms submitted to an email address that gets checked regularly? Based on this discussion, we can continue on and decide whether you need a new website (a lot your content is out of date or incorrect, links and forms are not functioning properly, and load time is lagging), a few changes (adding new information or updating content to make it current), or no changes need to be made (everything looks great and is running the way it is supposed to!) It is important that your website provides a smooth user experience, is easy to navigate, and has updated content on it in order to provide the best possible experience to your customers. Your website should also be reflective of your business’s mission, values, goals, and services.

Keeping your website up to date in aesthetics as well as functionality is a necessity in today’s online world. Contact Your Web Pro today to learn more about website redesigns and how they can benefit your business.

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