Every year or so (and sometimes less), Apple comes out with a new model of the iPhone. If you are like me, you might wonder what they could possibly do differently or add to the new iPhone that the last model didn’t have, but there is always some catchy selling point that convinces consumers that it is better, newer, and therefore they should buy it. Websites can be thought of in a similar way. Have you ever been looking something up (a business, a company, a person) and visited a website only to find that things look a little bit out of date, boring, or old? It can be compared to using an iPhone 5 when there have been years of new models by this point. This is why Your Web Pro likes to make sure that your website is constantly putting out fresh content and updating information. Customers like websites with updated information and relevant themes, and most of all, they like websites that are functioning the way they are supposed to.


At Your Web Pro, we recommend that your website run on an 18 month design cycle. About every year and a half, you should look at your site to decide if it needs a complete revamp (this is recommended things are really out of date, not functioning properly, or old information is still up on the website and it has not been redone in a few years) or just a few changes (adding new information or updating content to make it current). It is important that your website provides a smooth user experience, is easy to navigate, reflects your business’s mission and services or products, and has updated content on it in order to provide the best possible experience to your customers. By looking into a redesign, we are able to see if your website is responsive across desktop and mobile interfaces, is navigable to site visitors, reflects your company’s business and marketing, and all the features are working correctly.


In an increasingly online world, it is vital that your website is not just running smoothly but is up to date in aesthetics. Contact Your Web Pro today to learn more about website redesigns and how they can benefit your business.

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