It takes a lot for me to click on a marketing email, but when it is done the right way, I have been known to stop scrolling and deleting to view emails that I think are of some personal interest to me. Email campaigns that are relevant enough to catch my eye but not catchy enough to be spam have even left to me making purchases or signing up for further correspondence. What makes these particular campaigns successful is that they are interesting enough to catch the eye without being clickbait, often personalized, and are received regularly. From “How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive” to “A Birthday Gift For You,” I am most likely to click when the headline is either something I am interested in or when there is something inside that is just for me. While there are plenty of ways to run an unsuccessful campaign, here are some tips to help you create a good strategy and run a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Collect genuine signups. Whether this is from a popup on your website offering discounts and insider news/access or from collecting signups in store, make sure that your list of email addresses is for people who have agreed to receive emails. When people have signed up to receive emails from you, they are much more likely to see your email as something that they want or need to read and generate clicks.
  2. Do not use third-party lists. This increases your chance to be marked as spam and consequently inhibits your ability to reach potential customers. Even using old email addresses that you collected a few years ago can raise your risk of having emails bounce. Stick to the addresses you collect for your campaign, whether it is through in-store, online, or social media sign ups.
  3. Create a strategy or marketing plan before you build and start the campaign. With a six-month (or less) plan, you are able to decide what you will send to help you reach your marketing goals.


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