When my university started using a two-factor authentication system for logging in to our student portals seemingly out of the blue, I was among the many students who were annoyed. Not only had I never used two-factor authentication before, but I also was often logging in to my portal in a hurry so I could access my email, sign in to our Blackboard for my class, or see my grades. It seemed like such a hassle to have to not only come up with a new password every few months that required a mixture of capital letters, special characters, numbers, and nothing I had ever used before in a password, but also have to answer a phone call or receive a text every single time I tried to log in, which was multiple times a day. Having never used two-factor authentication before, I was unfamiliar with the process and how much it protected me from fraud, hacks, and more.


If you have a business, the facts are simple: you need to be using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your website, social media account, email, and more. This simple extra layer can keep your private information as well as that of your customers and clients safe, all for only a little extra work on your part. For the most part, two-factor authentication requires very little from you. It is often a phone call, text message, or email with a unique code, a Face ID on your phone, or a fingerprint. While this might seem like an annoyance in the moment, taking a few extra seconds to confirm your identity can help keep your website and other business accounts safe. Additionally, you can easily implement this practice into your personal accounts as well. Resetting your password and going through the work to confirm your identity each time you have to do so is a lot more work than taking preventative measures earlier on!


Your Web Pro LLC uses two-factor authentication in every instance it is applicable. Contact us today to help get your website secured!

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