We all know that not everything a salesperson says you need is really a necessity. For example, when my sister was buying her new car, it was all she could do not to buy windshield protection, new weather mats, a tricked out sound system, and a detailed package before she drove off the car lot. When I bought a new phone, I settled for a new case and screen protector but denied the rest of the additions such as Apple Insurance because I knew they were not necessities. The same things happen when you buy a car: you are handed the idea that you need windshield protection, all-weather mats, a new stereo, and more, and it is up to you to decide whether or not it is necessary.


However, when it comes to your website, SEO is not an add-on. Like a cover for your brand-new phone or an insurance plan for your vehicle, it is a necessity. A majority of people discover businesses and become customers through organic search results, or the results that pop up on a search engine’s result page through means that are organic. This does not include paid advertisements. SEO helps your website to be marked as relevant to a search, and the higher you show up on a result page, the more likely you are to get new site visitors who turn into customers. On top of that, good SEO builds credibility with users. It does no good to show up on a results page when someone is looking for Apple products, not an apple farm. SEO will assist you in generating good and credible site visitors.


Implementing strong SEO on your website is a great and relatively easy way to increase your website traffic with quality visitors who are likely to turn into customers. Contact Your Web Pro today to find out more about how we can help you and your site’s SEO!

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