Back when I was in college, I had a string of bad luck with cellphones. I accidentally shut mine in the car door and effectively destroyed it as I was on my way to work early one morning, and my parents had been clear: I was to buy my next phone on my own dime. I chose to do the bare minimum when it came to getting my new phone. After all, I was paying for it on my own, and I was a broke college student trying to save money for after graduation, and I was very careful with my cellphone. I declined the extra protections the Verizon store offered at a discount — no screen protector, protective case, warranty, or Apple Care for me! To my great horror, the very next week as I was walking from my last class of the day to the parking garage, my new phone slipped from my hand and landed face-down on the concrete. It was cracked. I had been failed by my own idea that I did not need to do more than I had done before to keep my phone in tip-top shape.

The practice of SEO can be compared to getting a new phone: When it comes to something that you are putting money into and that you rely on for many things, the “less is more” approach is not going to cut it. Like protecting your new cellphone from freak accidents like drops onto concrete and dips in water, SEO is essential to keep your website relevant, drive traffic to your site, and ensure that site visitors are seeing what they are expecting to see. The more new and relevant content your website has, the better! Not only does new or updated content let the search engines know that your site needs to be scanned and indexed again (thus increasing the likelihood of more website traffic), but it also helps to make sure that site visitors see relevant, updated content when they click on your website.

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