Anyone who has gone anywhere knows that it is important to have a clean place to use the restroom, wash your hands, and more when you are not at your own home. From concerts to rodeos to construction sites to tailgates and more, portable restrooms are a necessity at any outdoor venue. Pump and Roll in Lubbock, Texas, offers the cleanest portable restrooms as well as hand wash stations for your outdoor sites. At Pump and Roll, the team knows that portable restrooms can be daunting and feel unclean, especially in public spaces, so they do the best they can to provide you with clean and accessible restrooms and hand washing stations to ease your concerns and worries. Pump and Roll offers Lubbock and its surrounding areas sanitary portable toilet rentals and hand washing stations.

Pump and Roll in Lubbock offers temporary bathroom solutions as well as semi-permanent portable restrooms. From private and temporary rentals for parties, festivals, fairgrounds, or tailgates to semi-permanent restrooms for things like construction sites, Pump and Roll is there to help you. They can handle your portable restroom and hand washing needs as well as provide tank trailer stations to your office or construction site. Pump and Roll in Lubbock offers the cleanest portable toilets around, boasting portable restrooms that are clean and insured and hand wash stations that are accessible and easy to use.

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