FLEX Cell Phone Repair in Lubbock, Texas, offers cell phone, tablet, and device repairs in Lubbock, Texas. Locally owned and operated in Lubbock, Texas, FLEX can repair anything from cell phones, iPads, and tablets to drones and computers in the South Plains area. Owned by two young families, Flex Cell Phone Repair in Lubbock relies on the local community and provides honest, trustworthy service for repair. Owners Mariano Bustamante and Hong Zhai are both certified technicians and have more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry. They got started in Lubbock after they both ended up marrying Lubbock girls and now run this small business in the heart of the Hub City. They can provide you with things like screen repairs, water damage repair, battery and charger port failures, speaker problems, and even have a variety of accessories you might need.

In an industry where trust and reputation are hard to find, you can trust Flex Cell Phone Repair to work hard to help you get your device fixed right and the best service for phone repair in Lubbock. Whether you need your phone screen replaced or your tablet has water damage, FLEX Cell Phone Repair has the best service as well as high customer satisfaction. Their team works hard to ensure that your device is restored to its pre-accident condition and returned to you in a timely fashion. In an effort to make life easier and more convenient for you, they also offer pick-up and return for your devices.

Your Web Pro LLC would like to thank FLEX Cell Phone Repair for choosing us to design and build your new website. We are grateful for your business and look forward to seeing the ways you continue to grow and serve our community! To learn more about their company, please visit their new website at https://flexcellphonerepair.com/

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