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The Internet is changing.  Always.  We work hard to keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies to help your online marketing in Clovis.


Make Sure You Aren’t Spamming

Most of know not to click on messages that are obviously spam. The subject line is something that is of no relevance to you or seems like it may be clickbait, like “Enter Your Banking Information for a Million Dollars!” or “You Can Lose 200 Pounds By...

Steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

While the chaos of the last year is starting to slowly return to normal and businesses are largely reopened, online advertising and email marketing remains a vital way for you to keep up your sales while reaching your normal audience and also extending your reach...

Robert Suddarth Photography: New Website

Robert Suddarth Photography: New Website

Lubbock, Texas, photographer Robert Suddarth has been offering professional portrait and architectural photography for more than 50 years. Robert Suddarth aims to capture lives and preserve memories with his photography. For everything from family portraits to...

Plainview Chamber of Commerce: New Website

Plainview Chamber of Commerce: New Website

The Plainview Chamber of Commerce has a mission to promote interest in the Plainview community. By the enhancement and advancement of commerce through retail industry, agriculture, education, artistic and civic interest, the Plainview Chamber believes the result will...

What is Spam, Really?

I check my email almost obsessively. Multiple times a day, I open my phone just to check my email! Despite the frequency at which I clear out my unread messages, I find that I have around 20 unread messages each time I pull open my mail app. Sometimes I get fed up...

Successful Email Marketing Tips

I don’t often fall for catchy headlines, but advertisements have been known to make money off me! I have been known to give in to several emails with headlines such as “Insider, You Have Early Access to Our Spring Collection” or “Exclusive...

What Exactly Is Email Marketing?

Over the past year, the marketing world has changed drastically. Many of the tactics companies used to market their services or products are no longer as effective as they were before the pandemic began more than a year ago. More people than ever turned to online...

Lubbock Refrigeration: New Website

Lubbock Refrigeration: New Website

SPECS Refrigeration is a full service commercial and scientific refrigeration company in Lubbock, Texas. Whether you are looking for a reach-in refrigerator for your convenience store, an ice cream freezer, scientific refrigeration for medical research, or special...

BRG Bible: New Website

BRG Bible: New Website

The BRG Bible started out as a desire to help readers of the King James Bible see the words of the Trinity more clearly. In 1899, Dr. Louis Klopsch set out to lift the words of Jesus Christ in the King James Bible translation. Dr. Klopsch’s purpose was to offer...

Lubbock Ice Machines: New Website

Lubbock Ice Machines: New Website

If you are needing an ice machine in Lubbock, Texas, SPECS Refrigeration has what you are looking for. SPECS Refrigeration offers ice machine sales and services in Lubbock. Whether you are looking for a new ice maker that can make that special Sonic ice that you can...

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