Children’s Orchard Academy: New Website

Children’s Orchard Academy is part of Lubbock Christian Preschool Centers, a group of accredited early education schools. As an early education Christian school, Children’s Orchard Academy focuses on leading children to Christ as well as providing students with an education that is of the highest standard. The staff at Children’s Orchard Academy aims to set a foundation at an early age that enables children to have strong Christian values and to view the world through a biblical lens. The core values at Children’s Orchard Academy include love, respect, excellence, and integrity. The staff and community at Children’s Orchard Academy are held accountable to meeting those standards and demonstrating them to our students. At Children’s Orchard Academy, teachers and administration aim to provide a healthy and happy environment centered in Christ while encouraging students to excel in their academics.


From the age of six weeks through kindergarten, Children’s Orchard Academy offers childcare as well as education and classes. Nursery classrooms include auditory, sensory, and visual learning, green-guard certified cleaning products for each room, and the teaching of sign language as well as activities to encourage even our youngest children to learn social and fine motor skill development. Preschool and kindergarten classes are taught with an accredited curriculum as well as exclusive enrichment programs such as music and physical fitness, rhythm and praise classes, and exercise classes to help stimulate brain growth and improve cognitive performance. There is also a STEM room to teach children science, technology, and engage in social development with their peers. The God’s World program encourages students to engage in six pillars of science, engineering, social studies, worship, reading, and journaling to encourage critical thinking and imagination.

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September 25, 2020

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