Orbit Boat and RV Storage: New Website

Everyone knows that the weather in west Texas is unpredictable, and so many of us still leave our boats or RVs sitting outside in our driveways or beside our homes for the majority of the year! This can lead to expensive things like motorhomes being exposed to hail damage, wind and dirt, and other debris. Fortunately, Orbit Boat and RV Storage in Lubbock offers storage for your boat or RV during the off season. Whether you are using your boat or RV every weekend (and some weekdays) during the spring and summer months and need somewhere to keep it as you work or do not have the space to safely store your RV or boat when it is not in use, Orbit Boat and RV Storage has the space for you. With multiple security elements, three enclosed sides, and the option to rent your unit with or without power depending on your needs, Orbit Boat and RV Storage is the place for you.

Orbit Boat and RV Storage eliminates the need to leave your boat or RV in your driveway where it is exposed to all the elements and unpredictable weather of West Texas. Prolonged exposure to high winds, dust, debris, sun, and rain can damage your boat or RV, and you have already put money into this investment, so you certainly do not want to pay for expensive repairs or touch ups due to a weather event! Each storage unit at Orbit Boat and RV Storage is fifteen feet wide for easy parking. You can also choose between a 15’ x 35’ or 15’ x 45’ unit depending on the size of your boat or RV. There are multiple layers of security for your peace of mind, including a chain link fence at each unit, a lighted area, and a gate at the main entrance with a keypad.

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March 31, 2021

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