Power Mobility Solutions: New Website

While medical equipment is expensive, Power Mobility Solutions in Lubbock, Texas, makes it so there’s no need to panic if your power wheelchair or medical bed stops working. Instead of replacing it, you can hire a skilled technician from Power Mobility Solutions. Power Mobility Solutions in Lubbock provides medical equipment repairs in area and will come to your home to solve your problem. From medical lifts and hospital beds to manual and power wheelchairs, you can rely on Power Mobility Solutions to fix all kinds of medical equipment. With more than 10 years of experience in medical equipment repairs and more, Power Mobility Solutions has the best service, the best prices, and the best experience in Lubbock and its surrounding areas.

Power Mobility Solutions was founded in October of 2012 by Joe Nel Rodriguez. The idea came when Joe worked for a durable medical equipment provider that was like most of the others in the industry. Joe was very good with his customer service skills, and with his ability to fix almost anything relating to Durable Medical Equipment (DME), mobility accessibility products and devices, Joe was very good at his job. When the company he had worked for was forced to shut down and leave many without the service they relied on, Joe quickly realized that he could start a company built upon the way he would like to operate a business and help those in need. Thus, Power Mobility Solutions was born, and they have been serving Lubbock and its surrounding areas for a decade now!

Your Web Pro LLC would like to thank Power Mobility Solutions for choosing us to design and build your new website. We look forward to seeing your business continue to grow and serve the community! To learn more about Power Mobility Solutions, visit https://powermobilitysolutions.com/

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February 17, 2022

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