Twisted 3 Logistics: New Website

Founded in 2021, Twisted 3 Logistics Is a family-owned and family-operated company in Floydada, Texas. They provide freight brokerage services for all freight types from dry box to flatbed to heavy hauls. Twisted 3 Logistics takes pride in knowing that their team can handle it all. Twisted 3 Logistics freight services include refer, flatbed, step deck trailers, hotshot, oversized, LTL, van, RGN and heavy hauls that ensure your load is shipped safely from anywhere, to anywhere. Twisted 3 Logistics has a mission to ship your load safely and efficiently across the inner 48 states and anywhere you need it to go. Additionally, they serve as your freight broker: When you need a middleman to help you out between shippers and carriers, Twisted 3 Logistics is here to help you! They work with you and get you a quote on what it will cost to ship your load and then find a qualified carrier to transport your load wherever you need it to go. At Twisted 3 Logistics, your satisfaction takes priority. They also service Reefer loads.

Twisted 3 Logistics is a family owned and operated company aiming to serve you the exact same way they would their own family or friends. They work hard day in and day out to ensure that your load, regardless of whatever you need shipped from place to place, makes a safe journey from anywhere to anywhere! Twisted 3 Logistics in Floydada can take your load anywhere within the inner 48 states and ensure its safety from start to finish.

Your Web Pro LLC would like to thank Twisted 3 Logistics in Floydada for choosing our team to design your new website! We wish you the best of luck as your business continues to grow. If you are in need of a freight broker or something shipped from place to place, visit Twisted 3 Logistics to learn more:

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March 24, 2022

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