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Search Engine Optimization in Clovis

Our Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in Clovis is customized and geared for your business. We separate PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads from SEO because they are two very different tools. SEO helps your site index and rank better so that people are able to find it on search engines. There are a lot of tricks and tactics that people employ to get a better rank in search engines, but the tried and true method is to build a site that makes a great user experience and update it often. Simple: Build a good, quality website and update it often with relevant content. That is what our SEO service is geared to do.

How SEO Works

We update your website at least monthly with quality, original content that we produce just for you. Articles are written by us and approved by you, then published on schedule. The result is a more regular indexing from the major search engines and better content for the user. At the end of the day, that work, done consistently, will not only help you increase your search engine exposure, but open the door to more online marketing and networking opportunities.

This Is Our Process

Our process starts with a meeting to plan out the types of content to develop and who you want to reach. From there we begin planning and devloping the content for your website. As time goes by, this process continues wth regular meetings and ongoing work to help your website show up better. With this service, consistency is the key. The more consistent we publish good content on the site, the better it does. If you are curious about how this can help your business, give us a shout.

We Are Ready When You Are

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