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Clovis Web Hosting The Right Way: Simple And Stable

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Our Clovis website hosting should be simple. We have one plan and it works for all of our clients. You may find cheaper hosting, but you will see the difference in service immediately. Our customer service is unmatched in the web hosting world and can handle your whole website, online store, blog, email... just about anything you need. We take care of the technical end for you - all of the time.

Hosting is one of the things that is out of sight and out of mind for most companies. They know they have a website, but who hosts it and how to access the hosting account is quickly forgotten.... until there is a problem. It is the very time you encounter a problem that you need to know the host. With many of the "big-box" hosting companies out there, you are lost in the numbers when you need support. We don't do business that way. When you host your website with Your Web Pro, you get our team monitoring and checking on things all of the time. We try hard to keep you up to date and aware of anything related to your hosting account so you don't have big problems - or feel lost when something comes up. Our goal is to prevent problems with good monitoring and proactive maintenance.

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Our Difference

How The Big Boys Make Money

When you understand the way that hosting works, you will see why we have done well in this sector. Most hosting companies sell dirt cheap hosting accounts and can only be profitable when they do two things:
1. Load 1000's of accounts on one physical server.
2. Remove as much human interaction with clients as possible - so support is non-existant.
The end result is a server that is overloaded and slow with little or no real support for the customer.

How We Make Money

We have setup our hosting to be different on a number of levels:
Underloaded servers – We run servers bigger than we need and load no more than 200 accounts on each of them. That helps things run faster and with a higher degree of reliability.
Caged accounts – We cage all sites on our servers to protect you from anyone else and everyone else from you. If another website was hacked, the caged system helps keep the trouble isolated to that account. Additionally, a website that has a sudden spike in resource usage does not take the whole server down with it.
Root Control – We maintain root control of our servers. That means we can work on issues directly and quickly. We do not have to submit a ticket to the administrator of our servers – we are the administrators. With that we also have the backing of the Data Center Admins to come along side us when another set of eyes is helpful.
Diverse Locations – We choose diverse geographical locations to house our servers. Basically, all of our eggs are not in one single basket. We can and have moved and mirrored websites from one server to another as the need arises.
The Finest Data Centers – We seek out stable relationships with the finest data centers in the world. If they are not the best, they are not for us. We currently operate out of 6 world class datacenters spanning the globe:

Stable Hosting is Key

Hosting is a key component to online success. Bad hosting will break you. Choose carefully when you are selecting a host to make sure you get the best service you can find. Saving a few bucks can be costly in the long run.

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