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Website Maintenance in Clovis

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We pioneered the Monthly Maintenance Plan for small business websites in Clovis. The idea is simple: you pay one flat rate each month and we take care of changes to your website. No more giant bills or wishing you could afford to update your website.

What Is Included:

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By the numbers we know that well maintained websites do better than those that are not maintained. Search engines and people both prefer a website that changes often – weekly or better is great! Some people will opt to update their own websites, and that is a good choice when you are comfortable and savvy doing so. When you are too busy or know that an expert is needed, we come in. We want your website to list well and make your business more effective. When your website is old and out of date, it will not do that. Let us work along side you to get the most out of your online marketing.

How It Works

The process for our website maintenance program is easy. You tell us who is authorized to make changes and when something needs to change, just send it over. This work goes into a special class in our project management software that gives is certain tasks and priorities. When the work is complete, we let you know. There are no hourly bills or unexpected charges for maintenance class work. In addition, we also monitor and proactively update the site to keep it as safe and secure as possible.

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