The amount of times I have accidentally deleted something I wanted or needed to read from my inbox without meaning to because it appeared to have come from a random email address is innumerable! I have accidentally erased important information for orders, obligations, and more simply because I do not click on messages from unfamiliar or strange email addresses. Since entering the professional world, it has only become even more clear to me that this is why people need professional email addresses and why I need to use mine when I am emailing from work. Here are three reasons to use your “” email address.

  1. Help to maintain your professional reputation. In marketing and advertising, building and maintaining a professional reputation is one of the most important things you can do for your business. By using a professional email address, you are able to increase your credibility so potential or current customers are not getting an email from a user like “” (which may or may not have been my first email address) and are instead receiving messages from a professional and credible user. Communicating through your business’s domain names increases your reputability and image because it appears more professional and established.
  2. Links you to the company you work for. By using your professional email address, customers are easily able to look up your company’s domain because it is in your email handle. This is a quick and easy way to assure them that you are a legitimate and well-established business.
  3. Reduce your likelihood of being marked as spam. Because anyone and everyone can sign up for a free email address in a matter of minutes or even seconds, something that is sent from is much more likely to be marked as spam than something sent from A professional email address means that your messages are significantly less likely to be sent to the spam folder or the trash can.

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