Austin Vent Hood Cleaning: New Website

Serving the Austin area, Austin Vent Hood Cleaning offers a full selection of vent hood cleaning services for commercial and residential kitchens. From routine cleaning to emergency services, grease exhaust duct systems, and exhaust fans, the qualified team of professionals can handle it all. Whether you need your restaurant kitchen’s vent hood cleaned or repaired or you are installing a new residential range hood, Austin Vent Hood Cleaning is proud to offer the best quality services while upholding the NFPA 96 standards.


At Austin Vent Hood Pros, the team has a mission to offer the most efficient cleaning services that will guarantee that your professional kitchen passes all NFPA Standard-96 inspections and that your residential kitchen is functional and free of grease and smoke buildup, which are fire hazards. The repertory of services offered includes residential vent hood services (installation, repair, cleaning, and emergency services), commercial vent hood services (exhaust fan repair and installation, vent hood cleaning, motor installation, filter replacement, and more), emergency vent hood repair and replacement, and exhaust fan repair and replacement. Though Austin Vent Hood Pros is a new business, it is an extension of American Vent Hood Pros in Lubbock, Texas, and Dallas, Texas. Leadership has been in the vent hood business science 2010.

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February 15, 2021

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